Schedule Updated and Upcoming News The field trip schedule for 2017-18 has been updated.  You can find it in the Registration & Schedule tab.  If you’re interested in a field trip please check it out, it’ll help you determine potential availability for a visit to our facility. For anyone who saw us at the Big Fresno Fair last October, we debuted a new exhibit.  I will be posting links to articles and information about it really soon.  We’re excited to add it to our curriculum for school trips this Spring.

Big Fresno Fair 4.0 and Above Program

Valium Buying Online The Meyers Water Bank and Wildlife Project had the pleasure of taking part in The Big Fresno Fair’s 4.0 and Above Program. A winner from Selma High School was quoted in her local paper after winning one of our 10 donated scholarships. A great program, great kids, and a great night! We were proud to be a part of it.

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Purchase Phentermine Hydrochloride Selma High students rewarded for high GPAs

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Valley’s Gold

The Meyers Water Bank and Wildlife Project was recently featured on an episode of the PBS program Valley’s Gold. The episode has already aired but it can still be seen on their website at the following link:

Buy Ambien Cr Canada Valley’s Gold – Season 3 – Episode: Irrigation Technologies Check it out!

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The Fair Education Program – Meyers Water Tree Starting this week is The Big Fresno Fair! Meyers Water Bank is pleased to be participating in the Fair Education Program for a 4th year.

Ordering Valium Online Australia In conjunction with the Fresno County Office of Education, the Fair holds the annual Fair Education Program, an award-winning educational program that provides a link between the urban and rural California, educating Fresno County students on the region’s rich agricultural industry, who might have otherwise not understood the importance or vastness of this commerce on the region. Now in its 22nd year, the Fair Education Program provides an opportunity for kindergarten through eighth grade students to visit the Fair FREE of charge and tour the various building learning about the Valley’s rich agricultural heritage, as well as photography, painting, jam making, machinery, sewing, rock sculpting and more! In its 21 years, the Fair Education has provided more than 420,000 local students, teachers and chaperones the opportunity to experience this fun and educational field trip! For more information click here:

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New Registration Info

I’ve revamped the registration page with some new details that I hope will smooth the registration process. In particular please pay close attention to bus scheduling if you are from Fresno Unified. I welcome your phone calls if you have any questions and appreciate any comments that would help clarify the field trip registration information.

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Idle Too Long

Since Spring and Field Trip Season is on its way, I thought I’d put together a quick post to let everyone know the website and the program is still active. My registration calendar had last year’s date so I think that led to a bit of confusion. What’s left of March is pretty booked up and I know May will be difficult to schedule due to staffing conflicts. So if you can dodge the testing window in April it’s a great time to visit us, not too hot yet and lots of available dates! If you have to wait for May I will do my best to accommodate every trip but the more notice you give the easier time I’ll have.

New Friends at the Fair Gopher Snake

Buy Valium Eu The Meyers Water & Wildlife Tree in the Table Mountain Rancheria Park gives Fairgoers the chance to learn about the vital water system here in the Central Valley while discovering loads of fun. As a new part of this attraction last year, Fairgoers got to see the “Cloud Tank,” which brought a little bit of Hollywood right here to The Big Fresno Fair! This tank has been used in over 300 movies and now features display of giant catfish, bluegill and more for Fairgoers to see! New this year, Fairgoers will get to enjoy the“Reptile House” that will feature various snakes and lizards!

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The Water Map

Lorazepam Online Cheap The Meyers Water Bank and Wildlife Project is an educational outreach program that works to teach students about water and wildlife issues in California. Field trips are free for all schools wishing to visit and regardless of grade level each trip’s curriculum is based on learning about California water resources, Valley agriculture, and native wildlife.

Tramadol Order Overnight The Water Map is an exciting addition to the educational program at the Meyers Project. The map will provide an interactive experience for students with the goal of teaching them how water moves through the State and some of the complexities involved. The Map will debut at the Big Fresno Fair and then will be used at the Meyers Water Bank and Wildlife Project as well as FCOE’s Scout Island for continued educational opportunities.

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