The Water Map

The Meyers Water Bank and Wildlife Project is an educational outreach program that works to teach students about water and wildlife issues in California. Field trips are free for all schools wishing to visit and regardless of grade level each trip’s curriculum is based on learning about California water resources, Valley agriculture, and native wildlife.

The Water Map is an exciting addition to the educational program at the Meyers Project. The map will provide an interactive experience for students with the goal of teaching them how water moves through the State and some of the complexities involved. The Map will debut at the Big Fresno Fair and then will be used at the Meyers Water Bank and Wildlife Project as well as FCOE’s Scout Island for continued educational opportunities.

Water Map

Tab Clarification

I’ve been asked several times recently what days I have open for field trips.  In looking at the website I realized that the location of the schedule is not as intuitive as I thought.  So, the Registration page has been renamed Registration & Schedule.  We are available essentially any weekday not already taken on the calendar.  However, I might have other commitments not represented so my suggestion is if you’re interested in visiting to come up with 2 or 3 possible dates and contact me so we can determine the best date for everyone.  For larger groups my limiting factor tends to be docent availability, so the more notice the better.

A New Look

Welcome to the new Meyers Water Bank and Wildlife Project website.  In an effort to find an easier way to manage the website I’ve moved over to Word Press and Facebook.  If you have any suggestions on content or format please drop me a line.  So in the meantime, please bear with me as the site goes through the “under construction” phase.

Also, please visit us at our Facebook page