The Fair Education Program – Meyers Water Tree

Starting this week is The Big Fresno Fair! Meyers Water Bank is pleased to be participating in the Fair Education Program for a 4th year.

In conjunction with the Fresno County Office of Education, the Fair holds the annual Fair Education Program, an award-winning educational program that provides a link between the urban and rural California, educating Fresno County students on the region’s rich agricultural industry, who might have otherwise not understood the importance or vastness of this commerce on the region. Now in its 22nd year, the Fair Education Program provides an opportunity for kindergarten through eighth grade students to visit the Fair FREE of charge and tour the various building learning about the Valley’s rich agricultural heritage, as well as photography, painting, jam making, machinery, sewing, rock sculpting and more! In its 21 years, the Fair Education has provided more than 420,000 local students, teachers and chaperones the opportunity to experience this fun and educational field trip! For more information click here:

New Friends at the Fair

Gopher Snake

The Meyers Water & Wildlife Tree in the Table Mountain Rancheria Park gives Fairgoers the chance to learn about the vital water system here in the Central Valley while discovering loads of fun. As a new part of this attraction last year, Fairgoers got to see the “Cloud Tank,” which brought a little bit of Hollywood right here to The Big Fresno Fair! This tank has been used in over 300 movies and now features display of giant catfish, bluegill and more for Fairgoers to see! New this year, Fairgoers will get to enjoy the“Reptile House” that will feature various snakes and lizards!


Tickets for the Big Fresno Fair!

The Meyers Project is pleased to announce that in cooperation with our community partner the Big Fresno Fair, we will be able to offer every student who visits our facility a ticket for admission to next year’s fair.

For the last two years the Meyers Project has been involved with the Fair Education Program helping to expose over 20,000 students to water, wildlife, and agricultural topics.  Now for those students who take part in the learning process at our Project we can help send them to the Fair to take advantage of the educational opportunities provided and have a bit of fun as well!

New Cloud Tank at the Fresno Fair – Meyers Water Tree

The Meyers Project has been involved for two years now at the Big Fresno Fair with the Fair Education Program.  We are located at the newly remodeled and expanded Meyers Water Bank and Wildlife Tree where this year’s big attraction is the Cloud Tank.  Before coming to the Fair, the Cloud Tank was owned by Lucasfilm and used for special effects in several blockbusters such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Avatar.  Now it houses gigantic catfish, largemouth bass, and bluegill.  Who knows what we’ll put in it next year!  In addition to the Cloud Tank several other tanks are scattered around the Water Tree including one inside the Tree stocked with rainbow trout.