New Friends at the Fair

Gopher Snake

The Meyers Water & Wildlife Tree in the Table Mountain Rancheria Park gives Fairgoers the chance to learn about the vital water system here in the Central Valley while discovering loads of fun. As a new part of this attraction last year, Fairgoers got to see the “Cloud Tank,” which brought a little bit of Hollywood right here to The Big Fresno Fair! This tank has been used in over 300 movies and now features display of giant catfish, bluegill and more for Fairgoers to see! New this year, Fairgoers will get to enjoy the“Reptile House” that will feature various snakes and lizards!


The Water Map

The Meyers Water Bank and Wildlife Project is an educational outreach program that works to teach students about water and wildlife issues in California. Field trips are free for all schools wishing to visit and regardless of grade level each trip’s curriculum is based on learning about California water resources, Valley agriculture, and native wildlife.

The Water Map is an exciting addition to the educational program at the Meyers Project. The map will provide an interactive experience for students with the goal of teaching them how water moves through the State and some of the complexities involved. The Map will debut at the Big Fresno Fair and then will be used at the Meyers Water Bank and Wildlife Project as well as FCOE’s Scout Island for continued educational opportunities.

Water Map