The Fair Education Program – Meyers Water Tree

Starting this week is The Big Fresno Fair! Meyers Water Bank is pleased to be participating in the Fair Education Program for a 4th year.

In conjunction with the Fresno County Office of Education, the Fair holds the annual Fair Education Program, an award-winning educational program that provides a link between the urban and rural California, educating Fresno County students on the region’s rich agricultural industry, who might have otherwise not understood the importance or vastness of this commerce on the region. Now in its 22nd year, the Fair Education Program provides an opportunity for kindergarten through eighth grade students to visit the Fair FREE of charge and tour the various building learning about the Valley’s rich agricultural heritage, as well as photography, painting, jam making, machinery, sewing, rock sculpting and more! In its 21 years, the Fair Education has provided more than 420,000 local students, teachers and chaperones the opportunity to experience this fun and educational field trip! For more information click here: