Tab Clarification

I’ve been asked several times recently what days I have open for field trips.  In looking at the website I realized that the location of the schedule is not as intuitive as I thought.  So, the Registration page has been renamed Registration & Schedule.  We are available essentially any weekday not already taken on the calendar.  However, I might have other commitments not represented so my suggestion is if you’re interested in visiting to come up with 2 or 3 possible dates and contact me so we can determine the best date for everyone.  For larger groups my limiting factor tends to be docent availability, so the more notice the better.

Tickets for the Big Fresno Fair!

The Meyers Project is pleased to announce that in cooperation with our community partner the Big Fresno Fair, we will be able to offer every student who visits our facility a ticket for admission to next year’s fair.

For the last two years the Meyers Project has been involved with the Fair Education Program helping to expose over 20,000 students to water, wildlife, and agricultural topics.  Now for those students who take part in the learning process at our Project we can help send them to the Fair to take advantage of the educational opportunities provided and have a bit of fun as well!

Transportation Grant Funding Available

The Meyers Water Bank and Wildlife Project is pleased to announce the continued availability of grant funding for the offset of transportation costs for trips to the facility.  If you would like to take advantage of this program for a field trip you have scheduled (or want to schedule) you will find instructions and the signup form on the Registration page.  This program is limited so please contact me quickly if you would like to participate.


They’re coming!

The weather is cooling off and that means the Pacific Flyway should start getting active.  This is a perfect time for wildlife viewing so sign up for a field trip to the Meyers Water Bank and Wildlife Project.  Our ponds have water so they should provide a great resting stop for migrating waterfowl.